Agricultural shelters

One of the most important fields is the field of agriculture, where many countries’ economies focus on this field,

There are also many facilities used in agriculture, and these facilities are established for several purposes, the most prominent of which are:

Protecting crops from unsuitable environmental conditions that may affect the quality of facilities.

Among the most important of these facilities is what is called “agricultural greenhouses”, where there are different types of these houses,

As they have shapes, materials, and coverings that make them distinct from each other, and these houses are often equipped with cooling devices or even heaters.

The cost of its establishment depends on its quality, as the higher the quality, the higher its price.

As for the plants grown in these greenhouses, their quality is high, which makes them very popular.

Through our article, we will provide information about agricultural greenhouses.


Information About Greenhouses


Cultivation that takes place inside agricultural greenhouses is called protected cultivation.
In the case of choosing a place to build greenhouses, care must be taken that these places are equipped with natural windbreaks.
Protected agriculture is carried out by producing plants and vegetables in greenhouses, where they are lit by electricity or by sunlight.
The goal of providing the best environment for growth is to obtain a crop with high productivity and quality.
These houses are used to produce fruits and vegetables during the off-season.
Farmers work to create conditions inside these houses, so that they become compatible with the environment that these crops need in order to grow.
These houses are built in areas devoid of residential facilities and buildings, in order to provide proper ventilation for them
It should also be exposed to sunlight for at least eight hours a day, because lighting is important for the photosynthesis process that plants need.
In addition, it must be provided with a suitable water source, for example a water tank.
These houses are used to produce seedlings, as they are used in field cultivation.
These houses are considered one of the techniques that enable the organization of the irrigation process easily.