Crops Grown in Greenhouses

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Crops Grown in Greenhouses

Greenhouses are defined by the term Greenhouses or Greenhouses, which are specially designed facilities for growing fragile plants.

Likewise, plants that are affected by external weather conditions, and can also be used in the cultivation of some types of plants in non-agricultural seasons.

Among these plants are lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and other plants. After that, cultivation takes place in greenhouses under well-controlled conditions.

Green houses can be small or even large, attached to the house or detached and self-contained.

Crops grown in greenhouses

The plants that can be propagated inside greenhouses are diverse, but farmers focus on plants that grow easily and are not expensive. The following are the most prominent of these plants:

First: tomatoes
The tomato plant was considered to be one of the most common crops for cultivation in greenhouses. In addition, tomatoes need special care conditions to grow properly.

Second: the option
You must know that despite the cucumber plant’s ability to adapt to external weather conditions, this plant grows excellently inside greenhouses.

And more quickly than the speed of traditional cultivation, and you must follow the instructions for the appropriate conditions for the abundance of cucumbers in greenhouses

Third: lettuce
The lettuce plant is one of the plants that are sensitive to cold and frost seasons, and therefore it is possible to obtain it in the winter season by growing it in greenhouses.

We advise you to pay attention to the basic points and follow the instructions for the appropriate conditions to ensure the success of the crop.

Fourth: strawberries
Strawberries are among the most popular types of fruits that can be propagated inside greenhouses. Strawberries also need special conditions for germination.

The reason for this is due to the fragility of its roots and their sensitivity to cold, and the instructions for the optimal conditions for growing strawberries in greenhouses must be followed.

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Fifth: zucchini
Zucchini can be easily grown in greenhouses, especially because it is a frost and cold sensitive plant.

In addition, zucchini needs a period of two months to be harvested after scattering the seeds in the ground, and following the instructions for ideal conditions for germination of zucchini in greenhouses.