Cultivation of Cucumbers in Greenhouses

الخيار في البيوت المحمية

Cultivation of Cucumbers in Greenhouses

The cucumber crop is one of the cucurbit family crops, as it is one of the most important agricultural crops, so you see that cucumbers are grown in greenhouses in abundance,

This is due to the high rate of local consumption of it, so that it is consumed as fresh fruits or in pickles,

Cucumber is also a vegetable that lacks nutrients, as a result of it containing vitamin C in small quantities

In addition to that, the protein element, but it is characterized by containing a large amount of enzymes that help in the process of digesting protein and fatty substances.

The cucumber crop is also one of the vegetables that are grown in hot regions, in which soil moisture is available, and this is what is available when cultivating cucumbers in reserves.

Guidelines for growing cucumber crops in Greenhouses:

When starting to grow the cucumber crop in greenhouses, the land must be plowed twice well.

This is done before planning, and it is done at a depth of 30 cm underground. In addition, it is preferable to put organic and chemical fertilizers

Which should be placed next to the roots of the plant, which is mixed with soil in a thickness of up to 20 cm.

In addition, the land must be planned in the form of terraces, and then designed with a width of 1-2 per meter.

After that, trenches are made at a depth of 30 cm in the soil in which to place the fertilizer.

Likewise, the land must be abundantly irrigated after planning is completed, and cultivation begins after ten days.

This cultivation was defined as “Al-Masqawi”, and the cultivation in which seeds are first sown and then watered is known as “Al-Afir”.

Diseases attacking cucumbers:

It is possible that the cultivation of cucumbers in greenhouses is one of the best types, in which the crop is devoid of diseases and pests.

However, in open cultivation, the cucumber crop is exposed to many diseases, the causes of which are due to lack of moisture or excess soil

Or higher temperatures than necessary, and diseases that attack the cucumber crop:

First: powdery mildew.

Second: Downy mildew disease.

Third: Cucumber crop distortions.

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