Greenhouse heating systems

Greenhouse heating systems

Greenhouses represent a suitable environment for plants to grow, but if there is a drop in temperature, the danger here is great for plants sensitive to cold.

Although these houses allow heat to enter, they lose it during the night very quickly or during cold periods; This is due to the lack of insulation in them, which makes them need different heating systems.

Greenhouse heating systems

There are several methods that can be used to provide heat that is suitable for each type of plant, for example:

First: Use greenhouse heaters
These heaters provide suitable temperatures, and are in the form of small units, and the most important advantages are that they are economical and energy-saving.

Second: the use of hot air
It is the most common of the systems, due to its low cost and high speed.
It is a device for heating air, by burning the element pyrene.

Third: the use of hot water
One of the heating systems for greenhouses, is heating through hot water, and this system boils the water
Through some boilers, and then transferred to homes in the form of water or steam.
The transfer process is by means of special pumps, which push the water into the pipes available inside the homes to be heated.
When the temperature inside the greenhouses reaches the required limit, the thermostat diverts the water so that it remains in the pipes without returning to the boilers.

Fourth: Heating by solar energy
It is one of the modern systems that have been used in greenhouse heating systems
This system allows the possibility of relying on automatic devices or on manual devices, in order to control the temperatures.

Fifthly: Heating by steam pipes

Through it, the water is heated to 102 degrees Celsius, so that the water turns into steam, and it contains an automatic valve to control the circulation of steam inside.
But the drawback in that system, is what results in the hot air next to the greenhouses, which can seriously harm plants.

Sixth: Using the water radiators system
It is one of the heating systems that are not widely consumed, because of its high cost, in addition to requiring a lot of equipment.