Organic Farming in Greenhouses

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Organic Farming in Greenhouses

Organic farmingin greenhouses is one of the agricultural methods based on not using any of the chemicals in the agricultural process to grow plants of all kinds.

As this type of agriculture is devoid of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, as well as drugs for plants,

In addition, in greenhouses, genetically modified strains, improved seeds, or hormonal substances are not used.

It depends entirely on the quality of the land, as well as the extent of its fertility, as this will help in maintaining biodiversity.

Advatages of Organic Farming nin Greenhouses:

This agriculture is considered one of the most prominent types of excellent agriculture, as a result of the many advantages, which are as follows:

Through which it is possible to control agricultural pests and diseases, in addition to weeds, by identifying the cycles of agricultural crops,

Organic fertilizers, biodiversity used, as well as biological agents.

It fixes nitrogen levels in the soil.
Attention to the quality of agricultural soils, by encouraging biological activity, as well as the use of organic materials.
Providing the required nutrients from agricultural crops indirectly, by providing living microorganisms inside the soil.
Caring for all kinds of livestock using the appropriate means, in addition to taking care of all of them, as well as providing the necessary protection for the life of the soil in addition to the natural resources.

The goal of organic farming:

The most important goals that it is trying to achieve and reach are:

Producing food products with high nutritional value in sufficient quantities for consumers.
Keeping pace with the environmental and social dimensions, as well as making sure to prevent and maintain positive interaction with the various natural systems.
This cultivation helps to maintain the fertility of the soil in a way that helps maintain it.
Activate the vital system in agricultural operations of all kinds, in addition to encouraging it.
The use of natural resources that are continuously replenished in organic farming in greenhouses.
Work to stay away from all kinds of pollutants.
Stimulating agricultural production, as well as activating it through the use of integrated systems in the agricultural process, in the form of nutrients and organic waste as well.

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