Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Greenhouses:

Growing Tomatoes in Greenhouses:The time of planting tomatoes is determined based on multiple scientific bases, even if there is the possibility of growing tomatoes in greenhouses at any time of the year.

However, you must take into account the period of frost. as there is a danger in planting tomatoes during this period. When the frost time ends, it is known when the tomatoes are planted in greenhouses.

After that, the appropriate method is chosen for its cultivation inside greenhouses. or in plastic containers. with attention to the type of tomato seeds.

At first, nitrogen-containing fertilizer is used, which is done during the growth stage. but after seeing the tomatoes, fertilizer containing a high percentage of potassium is used.


Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Greenhouses:


Several considerations must be taken into account when growing tomatoes to obtain good tomato production, namely:


First: The ability of seedlings to plant:


When the flower cluster is about fifteen centimeters long, the seedlings are in a cultivable state.

The process of planting tomatoes is by digging a hole for each seedling and placing it in it ten centimeters deep, with the two flower leaves above the surface of the soil.


Second: The distance between the seedlings:


It is necessary to maintain a specific distance between seedlings, which is such an ideal distance of thirty-five centimeters, in addition, it is taken into account that in each square meter there should be an average of three plants.


Third: Irrigation of seedlings:


The seedlings are watered immediately after planting.

Initial watering:

The initial irrigation of tomatoes inside the greenhouse is carried out lightly with the importance of preservation

The soil does not dry out in the first stage of germination, after which irrigation is carried out as needed.


Fourth: flowering (maturation)


After the tomato cultivation process has passed, in the end, the process of flowering and maturation of tomato fruits

which are produced after about two and a half to three months, and vary according to the climate and temperature,

In addition, the distance between each seedling and another, and the fruits can be harvested from two to three months

It also takes the period from the time, of fertilization to the maturity, of the fruit about a month and a half to fifty days.