What are Greenhouses?

البيوت المحمية

What are Greenhouses?

It must have crossed your mind one day how some fruits and vegetables are available in the summer?. but not in the winter, or why do farmers diversify the types of plants with each agricultural cycle?

It is up to the farmer, as it is linked to specific agricultural dates and varieties, due to weather factors,

In addition to the fertility of the soil and all these reasons are obstacles, the homes and greenhouses were able to overcome them.

In our time, agriculture in agricultural greenhouses has become widespread in many Arab countries , as it aims to develop their cultivation of various agricultural crops.

Definition of Greenhouses

Greenhouses What are they? It is a suitable alternative to traditional agriculture, in addition, it is one of the modern methods that play a role in increasing productivity.

As well as providing different varieties, and also huge amounts of crops, constantly throughout the year.

These houses are also established in order to provide suitable environments for the growth of different crops, and then provide protection for plants from all kinds of weather changes.as well as provide control over their growth conditions.

Conditions to be followed to build houses

Despite its great advantages, its establishment is not an easy matter, as it requires several conditions.

the most important of which are:

  • Carefully choose a suitable location.
  • Ensure that the land is free of diseases and weeds.
  • Level the land so that all the houses are on the same level.
  • Choose a location close to the markets.
  • Providing ready-to-work manpower.
  • Providing a source of irrigation and drainage water.
  • Providing transportation vehicles, in order to deliver fuel, as well as to transport the crop from its place.
  • When can you use greenhouses

You can start greenhouse planting any time you want, all year round.

But when you need to plant some spring plants. for example you need to set the seeds before the weather becomes cold in your own site about 6 or 8 months.

Moreover, there are some preparatory work, which must be done before the process of planting greenhouses.

Among these works is carrying out the necessary disinfection operations as well as heating the place. or even providing humidification and ventilation that suit the quality of the crop.

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