Cultivation in Greenhouses advantages and disadvantages

الزراعة في البيوت البلاستيكية

Cultivation in Greenhouses advantages and disadvantages


Greenhouse cultivation is a real ally of traditional farming.

But in order for it to fully perform its function, we have to take a few things into consideration.

As useful as these structures are for the garden, having our plants indoors requires knowledge of some cultivation characteristics, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of growing in greenhouses.

Advantages of cultivation in Greenhouses

With regard to the advantages provided by the growth of plants grown under greenhouses, some of the advantages that we will present now show us:

Increase productivity:

It has been proven that the yield per unit area of the crop increases by about 3 times under the greenhouse compared to the open ground.

If hydroponics is used, yields can be many times higher than those obtained from conventional methods.

Integrated process:

We consider these houses as elements of intensive agriculture for various reasons.

First: Because conditions can be created for the proper development of plants, as a result of a certain isolation from the outside, and also because it is possible to place more plants per unit area, compared to open ground.

Less production risk.
Control of pests, diseases and weeds.
More efficient use of modern technologies.
The possibility of cultivation throughout the year.
Get products out of season.
Get high quality products
Study plant behavior easily.
Greater comfort and safety.

Disadvantages of cultivation in the plastic house

There are some drawbacks to building and managing greenhouses, which you have to keep in mind

Thus, you are not prepared to face or reduce the negative effects.

However, it is easy to be drawn to the positive things these homes have to offer and to take on a project without stopping.

Therefore, we will mention the main disadvantages that you can face when you decide to start production in which greenhouses are expected to be built.

The point of mentioning them is not to discourage projects of this kind, quite the contrary, because knowing the potential weaknesses will allow us to pay close attention to those defects and try to avoid them in order to avoid the failure of your project.

High cost of initial investment.
Difficulty determining the quality of the structure.
The high cost of production.
These houses also need a high level of training.
It also provides problems in the process of marketing products.

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