Agricultural Greenhouse Prices

البيوت المحمية الزراعية

Agricultural Greenhouse Prices

Prices of agricultural greenhouses in Saudi Arabia | With the increased reliance on greenhouses in Saudi Arabia, their cost has decreased in recent years.

It is natural that used houses, which are in good condition, are cheaper than new greenhouses, and the prices of greenhouses vary according to their area, including:

Greenhouses measuring 40 x 9 meters are estimated at 4,700 riyals.
Greenhouses measuring 56 x 9 meters in the amount of 5800 riyals.
Greenhouses measuring 40 x 9 meters with the air-conditioned system, amounting to 15,400 riyals.
Electricity supply in greenhouses

Electricity supplies are not vital in either a large or a small greenhouse, though

If you want to run electrical appliances such as an electric heater to keep the cold out during the cold winter months then you should get an electrical supply that is completely waterproof.

If you decide to turn on the electricity in the greenhouse, it opens up other possibilities for you, for example you can install an electric water pump or fully automatic electric ventilation,

All you have to do is set the desired temperature while the thermostatic control system will do everything for you.

Maintenance Costs

When you are making a major purchase decision, it is important that you consider not only the initial cost, but also the running cost of owning your greenhouse.

Rather than the financial cost and think about the time needed to maintain a small greenhouse before the big one, whether this applies to doing it yourself or having someone do the work for you.

Good greenhouses are made of aluminum and steel, and are coated in the color of your choice.

They are designed to be corrosion-resistant, unlike wood structures that get sanded or need to be repainted every few years.

In order to keep the greenhouse in good condition, you must wash it inside and out.

Modification of greenhouses
In the event that you need to change the internal grading or if you want to add cold tires,

And shading, as well as automatic watering or electric perforations, you can do this whether it is a small or large structure upon request.

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