Cultivation in Greenhouses

بيوت بلاستيكية

Cultivation in Greenhouses

After the emergence of most agricultural pests and weather conditions that could completely destroy crops,

The Ministry of Agriculture searched for other methods of cultivating plants openly until it discovered new methods of cultivation

It is cultivation in plastic houses, which are houses that work to protect the plant from various weather factors, as well as agricultural pests of various kinds.

The purpose of using greenhouses in agriculture

Its aim is to produce many agricultural crops of vegetables and fruits in off-season, in addition to the following:

First: the production of vegetables and fruits of higher quality than those produced by open farming or even traditional farming.

This is due to the fact that the use of greenhouses in agriculture avoids the fruits and protects them from exposure to pollution and agricultural pests that occur due to weather conditions.

Second: The available protection for the crops grown within them leads to an increase in the amount of production.

Third: Protect plants from climatic changes and preserve them, for example: heavy rain will not be harmful to them.

As you do with plants grown in the open “exposed”, in addition to that, all climatic conditions are provided in the plastic house

So that it is commensurate with the plant grown inside.

Fourth: It is also possible to provide greenhouses with suitable conditions for the growth of some rare plants.

In addition to many other benefits offered by these homes, and thus it was the perfect and better solution than traditional agriculture.

Conditions for successful cultivation in the plastic house

There are many factors that increase the success rate of growing plants inside greenhouses, including:

Availability of a water source for irrigation, which is close and sufficient for the crops grown within it.
It is preferable to place it in a place close to the place of residence, in order to easily monitor, access and take care of it.
The use of a well-ventilated and deep soil, and water can pass through it, as well as a light and fertile texture, and it is preferable that it be free of salts.
To be placed so that it is away from the shade, a distance of meters.
The area in which the houses will be built should be free of strong wind currents, and it is preferable to contain windbreaks.
Suitable plants for the market must be selected, and then grown inside the plastic house.

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