Cultivation of Zucchini in Protected Homes

زراعة الكوسا

Cultivation of Zucchini in Protected Homes

The zucchini plant can be implanted twice a year, which is a tropical plant that is sensitive to frost,

The sun’s rays should also be provided, and it is one of the most beneficial plants for the human body.

In addition, it contains many health benefits, and protected agriculture means the production of zucchini

In large protected houses of light plastic, so that growth conditions are provided.

Also, for the zucchini crop to be protected from the weather fluctuations sometimes, and from the lesions at other times

Through our article in Riyadh’s promoter, we will talk about cultivation of zucchini in greenhouses.

Zucchini Cultivation Varieties in Greenhouses

Zucchini varieties recently have become multiple, some of which have a soft and somewhat spinal texture.

There is also a dark or light green fruit and other yellow, it is not important that you will grow it,

But the important thing is that the class agrees with consumer desires, as well as market requests

The varieties also differ in terms of vegetative growth strength, abundance of crops and the length of the plural season.

Tips in Zucchini Irrigation

When cultivating zucchini in greenhouses, we must take into account the following:

The zucchini plant is not exposed to thirst for long periods, due to its extreme sensitivity to thirst.
Avoid spoofing zucchini, due to its sensitive roots to increase irrigation rates.
Focus on placing municipal fertilizers and the basic fertilization directly at the bottom of the plant.
Two doses of irrigation are given one day in the morning and the other at the end of the day and before the closure
The superphosphate is spreading the triple phosphate after mixing it with agricultural sulfur on all the soil surface after planting, especially in the areas adjacent to the plants.
When you reach the beginning of the flowering stage, here the rates are reduced again, because this stage does not need high water.
Factors help in cultivating zucchini and producing a good crop
Attention to agriculture in the appropriate dates.
Choose the right land and it is preferable to heavy yellow ground.
The pests are combated as soon as they appear.
Attention to fertilization and the use of vital fertilizers, by mixing them with seeds before planting and choosing good seeds.

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