How to Design Greenhouses

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How to Design Greenhouses

How to design greenhouses, this is what we will talk to you about in this article.

Greenhouses are one of the most popular modern farming methods used in growing fruits and vegetables.

Also, the most important feature that distinguishes it is that any kind of agricultural crops can be grown throughout the year.

Its idea is based on creating a suitable atmosphere for the agricultural crop inside the greenhouse, regardless of external weather factors.

Greenhouse Area – How to Design Greenhouses

The area of one greenhouse is estimated at 362 square meters, with a length of 38.5 square meters, a length of 9.4 meters, and a height of 3.35 square meters.
It is built along agricultural soils, and more than one house may be built in one area.
The greenhouse can be built in different places, for example: the roof of the house, inside the home garden, and benefiting from modern farming methods.
Components of agricultural greenhouses:
The iron structure: It is a structure consisting of several pieces of iron that represent the general shape of the house. It also consists of several parts, namely:
the rules,
crop holder,
tension wire,
installation wires.

Front and back facades:

The front façade: It is a group of iron beams connected to each other through iron clips.

The rear façade: It consists of iron beams fixed through clips made of sheet metal, as well as covered with fiberglass, which transmits light by 87%.

Cooling system:

It adjusts the air temperature inside the greenhouse based on the type of crop being grown.
This is done through a main control panel that is set by the greenhouse operator.

The fans installed in the front end also suck the air in, and deliver it to the cooling cells, where the cooling cells work to moisturize the air.

Ground irrigation network

It is a network made of clay soil, and it also contains points at a distance of 50 cm between each of its points and the other.

Electrical connections

It is a set of electrical connections that connects the fans in the front of the greenhouse and the cooling system in the back, in addition to that, it is linked to a main control panel that works automatically only by setting it by the farmer.

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