Information about the agricultural reserve

المحمية الزراعية

Information about the agricultural reserve

The field of agriculture is one of the most prominent fields, as many countries’ economies depend on this field.

There are also many facilities that are used in agriculture and are established for many purposes, the most important of which are:

Protecting crops from unsuitable environmental conditions that they may be exposed to and affect the quality of facilities.

Among the most prominent of these facilities is the “Agricultural Reserve”, of which there are different types, as they have shapes, materials and covers, which makes them different from each other.

Most of these reserves are provided with cooling devices or heaters, and the cost of establishing these facilities depends on their quality.

As for the plants grown in these greenhouses, they are of high quality, which makes them very popular.

We will give you information about the agricultural reserve.

Information about the agricultural reserve

Protected cultivation is done by producing plants and vegetables in greenhouses or tunnels, where the houses are lit using electricity or sunlight.
These agricultural reserves are considered one of the techniques that facilitate the organization of the irrigation process easily.
Farmers create conditions in these reserves to match the environment that plants need to grow.
When building an agricultural reserve, care is taken to build it in areas devoid of residential facilities and buildings, in order to provide proper ventilation for it.
This reserve has its own specifications in terms of shape, structure, bases, covers, shading, heating, cooling, in addition to ventilation and irrigation.
The period of exposure of the reserve to sunlight should not be less than eight hours per day, because lighting is important for the photosynthesis process that plants need.
This agricultural reserve must be provided with a suitable water source, for example a water reservoir.
It is also relied upon for the purpose of producing seedlings, because these seedlings are used in field cultivation.
It is also possible through these reserves to control pests spread in crops and get rid of them with ease.
When choosing the place where you want to build the agricultural reserve, you should make sure that these places are equipped with natural windbreaks.

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