Irrigation systems for greenhouses

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Irrigation systems for greenhouses

Irrigation systems for greenhouses are one of the many advantages offered by greenhouses.

It is about reducing the amount of water consumed in irrigation operations, by a rate that may reach 45%.

Especially when employed for modern systems, and there are different methods that can be used for greenhouses, as each of them has its own uses and advantages.

Irrigation systems for greenhouses


Good management of irrigation systems in greenhouses increases production, which is proven

The common belief that the high amount of water consumed in irrigation leads to higher productivity is a mistaken belief.

As the production of greenhouses depends on several other factors, for example: temperatures, the quality of the drainage process, and soil fertility.

Likewise, which stresses the need to follow sound irrigation systems inside agricultural greenhouses. It is that its plants are sensitive to any water stress they may be exposed to.

Whether it occurs due to increased soil moisture or even due to its dryness, or any other factors that may lead to the cessation of plant growth.

Successful irrigation programmes

According to the nature of the soil and the climate in our hot region, the appropriate quality, quantity, method, and timing of irrigation must be determined, which are the elements that make up the agricultural irrigation system, and that is as follows:

water quality

You have to use good water, completely devoid of any toxic substances, and the amount of salts in it does not exceed 2 milligrams of bananas (equivalent to 1280 ppm), in addition to that, its acidity ranges between 6:7.

irrigation amount

It depends on several factors, including: the type of crop, the timing of its cultivation during the year, and the type of soil.

As well as the heating and cooling systems used, and the method of cultivation.

Watering schedules

The ability of the farmer to determine the appropriate irrigation dates depends on his experience in knowing the extent of soil moisture.

And if there are devices that help you to identify the moisture content in agricultural soils, such as the moisture sensor, the tenchometer, as well as the Buyukose cubes..etc.

irrigation systems

under irrigation.
surface irrigation.
drip irrigation.
Sprinkler irrigation.
Also irrigation by nutrient solutions.

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