Solar sterilization of Greenhouses

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Solar sterilization of Greenhouses

There are many chemical compounds that are used to sterilize plants and agricultural soil, which farmers rely on to get rid of greenhouse diseases and pests,

Despite its effectiveness, it often leaves some side effects, so solar sterilization is the best option to get rid of pathogens in the soil.

Solar sterilization

It is considered one of the natural, environmentally friendly methods used to control agricultural diseases and pests.

That is, it is a healthy alternative to chemical gases and disinfectants, for example methyl bromide, which is one of the most used gases for pest control.

Sterilization is done by using solar energy to raise soil temperatures to a limit that kills many pathogens.

It also has a role in improving the properties of agricultural soil, and its use is not limited to a specific type of agriculture, as it is useful for open agricultural fields, as well as for greenhouses.

How to conduct solar sterilization of greenhouses

First: the soil is cleaned by getting rid of the remnants of previous crops, and then plowed deeply, working to level and smooth it.
Second: The farmer adds fine organic fertilizer, equivalent to 2:4 kg per square metre.
Third: The compost is mixed with the soil well, and then settled.
Fourth: Starting the installation of the irrigation network, and then abundantly irrigating the soil of the greenhouse, until the water reaches a depth of 60:70 cm.
Fifth: Then the farmer covers the soil with strips of transparent plastic (polyethylene), and then seals the edges of those strips with the soil in order to prevent any heat leakage.
Sixth: Finally, the greenhouse is closed during the sterilization period, which lasts from 4 to 6 weeks.

Its most prominent benefits

Weed resistant.
Increase plant growth rates.
High quality agricultural products.
It plays an important role in improving the soil.
Safe and effective method for both humans and the environment.
The costs of using it are relatively low, especially when compared to other methods.
It kills the seeds of these weeds before they grow, as their growth causes competition with the cultivated crops.

In conclusion, thermal sterilization, despite its ease, is one of the natural and healthy methods used to sterilize agricultural soil.

It has the ability to raise the temperature of the greenhouse to 10 or 15 degrees Celsius compared to the outside temperatures.

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