The Requirements of The Greenhouses

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The Requirements of The Greenhouses

The plastic houses are a structure of walls and ceilings made of transparent material,

For example: glass or plastic, where plants that can require organized climatic conditions.

Agriculture Requirements in Greenhouses

There are several factors and requirements that must be taken into account in order to succeed in agriculture in plastic houses, but this process should not be consumed for time or high price.

The most prominent requirements for a plastic house are: the appropriate location and ventilation systems, as well as heating, cooling and good irrigation.

1. The appropriate site:

The choice of the site is one of the most important criteria that must be adhered to when building the greenhouses that concern you.

When building it should be fully exposed to the sun, and water drainage and wind protection should be considered.

You have to consider the morning sun in the afternoon when you specify the construction site.

One of the best aspects, the sun throughout the day is the best, but the morning sunlight on the eastern side is sufficient for plants.

2. Good ventilation

When building a plastic house ventilation and air rotation, the two most important things should be taken into account.

An internal and external air exchange maintains the stability of the temperature, and it also feeds carbon dioxide.

Two options for ventilation are available:

Natural ventilation uses roof holes and side holes, in addition to that the most warmer air rises

It comes out through the upper openings while the cold air is passed through the side openings.

Another method, which is mechanical ventilation, where a fan or two fans can be used from the exhaust fans

This is to transport the air outside one end of the plastic houses, while the fresh air comes across the other side by holes equipped with engines.

3. Cooling

Your glass houses should have a suitable cooling system, especially if you use them throughout the year or even live in a climate with seasonal changes.

4. Irrigation course

It is possible that it is the most pronounced requirement of the platform for plastic houses.

This is something if you have a small space enough or you have a lot of time you can do manually.

5. Heating

There are two factors that must be taken to heating during the winter season, which are the exposed external area, and the necessary temperature in the plates of certain plants.

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