Types of Greenhouses crops

مزروعات البيوت المحمية

Types of Greenhouses crops

Productive houses are cultivated with very many vegetable crops, and the diversification in crops is considered one of the most important ways and roads
To treat technical and marketing problems that can face farmers, as it is possible to grow more than one crop in the season,
Consequently, you have to follow the agricultural cycle because of the significant impact on the productivity
The costs per unit, as well as the net revenue.

The Most prominent Crops That are Planted in Greenhouses:

Tomato plant,
Also cucumber plant,
Strawberry fruit,
Sweet pepper (colored),
The beans plant,
Melon fruit,
Watermelon fruit,
Lettuce plant,
Also the spinach plant.
Also to control the protected homes in summer and winter, it is dealt with with a special system in the cultivation methods:
The first type: agriculture by seedlings:
One of the crops that are planted by seedlings:
the strawberry
Also onions.
The second type: agriculture by seeds:

From the crops that are grown by laying the seed:

Likewise, zucchini.

Steps to grow seedlings-“types of greenhouses crops”


1- First: The seeds are placed in the growth environment (either soil or soil alternatives).
2- Second: Also cover the seeds with a thin layer of growth environment
3- Third: You have to click gently to install the seeds before doing their wilderness.
4- Fourth: After a period of time, the heads of the small plants appear.
We also mention the importance of planting seedlings on the ground, after uprooting them on the same day, and then saw them after installing them on the ground.

Conclusion :

Productive houses are called the name of the plastic or glass houses, which are facilities that are designed in particular to grow weak fragile plants,

Plants that are affected by external weather conditions, in addition to that they can be used to grow some types of crops outside their agricultural seasons,

Among these plants are lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and others previously mentioned, in addition to that, cultivation is carried out in greenhouses under very accurate monitoring conditions,

These houses may be either small or large, as well as connected to the house, or separate and independent in itself.

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