What are The Plastic Houses

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What are The Plastic Houses

The Plastic Houses are also called another name, which is glass houses, which are houses designed specifically to protect plants,

This is one of the surrounding weather factors, for example cold, or the surrounding heat,

And in the past era, these houses were houses made of wood or bricks, containing windows,

Some heating means are also used, after which these houses have either glass or plastic, designed in several different forms,

Then it was developed into a roofed structure, as well as glass walls, with a wooden skeleton, or even a simple metal.

Among the factors that led to the use of these houses in abundance are the spread of exotic plants in abundance, especially in the country of England in addition to some other countries,

The importance of these homes also lies mainly in agriculture and gardening, as well as plant science.

The importance and necessity of the existence of plastic houses

There are some types of plants that can need custom environmental factors, in order to grow properly, with the best quality

Here, the importance of these houses is embodied in agriculture, as they work to provide an appropriate environment for some types of plants,

In our article, we will summarize this importance as follows:

First: It works to provide moisture and warmth for plants, so that they grow in the best way.

Second: These houses provide an ideal environment for plants, by protecting them from high temperature, or from a severe cold.

Third: It plays a role in protecting plants from many types of pests and diseases that can affect them.

Fourth: It also works to alleviate the exposure of some plants to specific diseases, for example: getting rid of the whistle by implanting tomatoes in the greenhouses.

Types of Greenhouses

Many types of these houses are available, as each type has several benefits that are reflected on plants, and among these types of homes are the following:

The first type: shade houses.
The second type: screen houses.
The third type: the top of the crop.
Fourth type: multi -extension houses.

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