4 Rules for Pruning Cucumbers in Greenhouses

قواعد لتقليم الخيار

4 Rules for Pruning Cucumbers in Greenhouses

Cucumber cultivation is one of the common crops in many countries of the world, and the reason behind this great spread is the multiple health benefits provided by cucumber, starting with skin and hair care, ending with treating digestive problems and caring for heart health, in addition to being an essential nutrient in many meals; That is, the demand for it is constantly throughout the year.

Through our article in Mourouj Al Riyadh, we will learn about the rules of pruning as one of the most important methods of caring for the cucumber crop.

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About pruning cucumbers

A cucumber tree consists of a main trunk, from which a series of nodes or joints branch off.

Each node consists of a group of fruits, as well as one green leaf. So far, vegetable trees do not face any problem!

The problem begins to appear as a new stem grows for each of those joints or nodes.

As this leads to the distribution of energy that was directed by the vines on two legs, not on one leg,

Also, its energy will focus on producing many leaves and stems, not on producing fruits.

Which negatively affects the quality of the plant, and reduces the number of fruits produced.

Here lies the advantage of the pruning process in getting rid of those extra stems and stems, as well as focusing energy on producing high quality fruits and higher quality.

Highlight 4 rules for pruning cucumbers in greenhouses

Despite the many types of cucumbers, there are also some nuances related to the cultivation of each type.

However, there are some general rules that can be relied upon in the pruning process. This is what we will explain in the following points:

First: all procedures related to pruning antennae, eyelashes and getting rid of yellow leaves are carried out.

Second: The pinch of the plant must be removed, but with extreme caution and attention; So that it does not exceed 6:4 cm.

Third: Removing all lateral branches on the first six nodes.

Fourth: At the stage of harvesting and collecting the fruits of cucumbers, care must be taken not to disturb the adult buds; So that the tree does not turn yellow later or even stop growing, you should also get rid of the brown bottom leaves and wilted leaves regularly.