Agricultural calendar for Greenhouse plants

التقويم الزراعي لنباتات

Agricultural calendar for Greenhouse plants… The process of monitoring plants is an important and essential process in protected cultivation.

As it contributes to reaching optimum production throughout the year,

Through our article, you now have some of the basic operations that you must perform during the successive months of the year.

Agricultural calendar for greenhouse plants


Through it, the land is prepared for growing vegetables, and seeds are also sown inside the nursery, starting in the middle of the month.
In addition to growing an early bouquet of flowers that have been hybridised.


Vegetable seedlings, for example: eggplant, pepper and tomato, rich in sun seeds in August, are transferred to the tunnels.
Focus on watering through regular application of compound chemical fertilizers.


You have to transfer seedlings of beans, melons, cauliflower, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes.
Also, move the vegetable seedlings sown in September to the permanent field area, and water them twice a day.
Then tie fast-growing plants, such as cucumbers, with twine.
Now start growing hybrid winter flowers indoors, also make grafts. Planting new seedlings in place of the damaged ones.


Take the necessary precautions to face the frost in this period, then prepare the brackets and fix them in some places.
Also, prepare the necessary plastic covers, which will be placed on the brackets, and then fix them using the threads intended for that.
You should take care to lift the covers at sunrise, as well as open the middle and high doors of the greenhouse, in order to avoid increasing the humidity inside.

Then start planting summer flowers inside the greenhouse.


Transfer cucumber, melon, and zucchini seedlings to perennial fields.
Then make sure that the exhaust fans are running, and do not open the cooling device, because the temperature can rise in this month.
You also have to maintain the cooling devices, and rid them of dust, so that they are ready for operation in the summer.
You must control insects and pests that infest the plant, for example spiders and aphids, if they appear.
Tie up cucumbers and tomatoes, remove side branches.
When the tomato plant blooms, it is preferable to start spraying the fruit hormone, and if it is not available, you can move the plant holder to complete the pollination process.
You should grow strawberries, lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower, and at the same time cover the house with a polyethylene sheet, with some holes for ventilation.
Finally give the plants a complete fertilizer solution.


After collecting vegetable crops, you should spray the greenhouses with the necessary pesticides to prevent pests.


During them, it is preferable to sterilize the soil against nematodes, algae, bacteria and viruses, but only after removing the residues of previous crops.

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