Basics of Successful Vegetable Cultivation in Greenhouses

زراعة الخضراوات في البيوت المحمية

Vegetable plants are among the most cultivated and consumed plants at the local and global levels.

Therefore, many farmers or even those who wish to give areas of their protected homes to this vegetable production,

Especially in light of the ability of greenhouses to provide large productivity and high quality throughout the year.

Cultivation of vegetables inside the greenhouse

Although this type of crop is easy to grow in homes and open fields, its cultivation inside greenhouses provides the appropriate conditions to achieve great benefits and less harm.

What is meant here is their maturity in a shorter period of time, and their distance from the possibility of infection with pests and agricultural insects.

Basics of successful vegetable cultivation in greenhouses

First: sunlight.

Sunlight is an essential element in the growth process of vegetables.

There are also certain types of greenhouse covers that allow a greater proportion of those rays to pass through.

For example: agricultural halls covered with polycarbonate cover or those glass covers are the best, compared to plastic-covered houses.

Second: the right soil.

Soil with good drainage and rich in required nutrients is a strong and essential factor in the success of vegetable cultivation.

There are also many types of soil in plant nurseries, which can be used inside greenhouses and agricultural halls.

Third: continuous care.

In general, plants need continuous daily care, in order to monitor any changes that may occur in them.

The follow-up process also plays an important role in treating the plant from any agricultural pests that may lead to its death if it continues to exist.

Plant care also includes; Follow appropriate fertilization and irrigation systems, and monitor temperatures and ventilation inside the house..etc.

Fourth: Insect repellent flowers

Despite the strangeness of the matter, some farmers may resort to planting some insect repellent flowers alongside their vegetables.

Or it is possible to plant those flowers and plants that bring beneficial insects and repel pests.

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