Cooling the protected house with block

تبريد البيت المحمي

The cooling systems used inside the greenhouse are multiple, for example: the use of cooling fans, cooling cells… and others.

Through our article, we present to you an easy way to cool the greenhouse through cement blocks, and although it is not the most efficient method of cooling, it has the ability to provide very satisfactory results..

Cooling the greenhouse using blocks

One of the methods that play a role in reducing temperatures and humidity inside greenhouses is to build “block” walls.

The block used in refrigeration is one of the types of ordinary blocks, but it is made of specific materials, and in a specific way, so that it is suitable for this use.

That is, which means that the cooling block has characteristics that distinguish it from other types, including that it is light in weight, and also does not absorb water or store moisture.

Those in charge of its manufacture are also interested in ensuring that it acquires a measure of hardness and great ability to withstand pressure.

Ventilation pads and fans can also be installed on it, with ease.

Advantages of block cooling

Although this system is not common, it has many advantages, which are the following:

Easy to implement, because it does not require high capabilities or costs for its construction.
Effective quickly, especially in small greenhouses.
Its operation is easy, as it is a system that is used without any difficulties or complications.

How to cool block

And in the event that you wanted to use this method to cool your greenhouse, then you can follow the following steps:

Build two parallel brick walls, one facing the outside and the other facing the inside.
You have to make sure to leave enough space to separate the two walls.
Make several openings at the bottom of the inner wall, as well as a basin to be used for draining water.
Provide the greenhouse with a water pump, which is the pump that will wet the inner wall with water.
Install some fans indoors. So that those fans are directed towards the plants.
The air will be emitted from the wet inner wall, and then fans will exhaust it while maintaining the house temperature.

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