Cowpea cultivation in the Greenhouse

زراعة اللوبيا

Cowpea cultivation in the Greenhouse

Cowpea cultivation in the greenhouse.. Its cultivation needs some controls and conditions, and it can only take place under the provision of appropriate environmental and climatic conditions.

Especially since the cowpea crop is one of the crops that has a great diversity and difference in growth habits and flower colors.

What is the method of cultivation in the greenhouse and what are the most important requirements?

Cowpea cultivation in a greenhouse

Although the cowpea is one of the plants that has the ability to tolerate drought and heat to a large extent,

which allows it to be cultivated in many regions; However, growing them in greenhouses is what usually achieves the best result.

Cowpeas enjoy higher growth rates when it rains, and suitable temperatures range from 30-22 degrees Celsius, but they cannot withstand extreme cold or frost.

The appropriate timing for planting cowpea in the greenhouse

In the event that it is grown in a protected house, this process should not take place until after the end of the last frost, just as is the case with the “soybean” crop.

Here, the farmer must monitor the soil temperature, and ensure that it reaches at least 18 degrees Celsius, which prevents the roots from rotting.

Accordingly, it can be said that the optimal time period for its cultivation is early fall or early spring.

suitable agricultural soil

As for the soil suitable for cultivating cowpeas in a greenhouse; They are grown in a variety of soils, from acidic to neutral.

Despite this, the cowpea crop cannot adapt to alkaline soils.

And if you want to get the best results from cowpea cultivation; It is preferable to be planted in sandy loamy soil with good drainage, with suitable pH levels, while choosing an area that receives full sunlight.

Here we refer to some of the necessary procedures to prepare the soil before planting.

The soil also needs good ventilation, and continuous fertilization during cowpea growth periods.

Planting planning

There are several points to consider when growing this plant in greenhouses:

First: planting about 80 seeds in each two agricultural rows (their length is 4 meters).
Second: leave a distance of 75 cm between those rows.
Third: You should take care of planting two seeds in each hole, at a depth of approximately 2-3 cm.
Fourth: Cultivation of two border lines of cowpea, which allows for growth control.

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