Cultivation of Eggplant in Greenhouses

زراعة الباذنجان

Cultivation of Eggplant in Greenhouses

Eggplant, or what was called eggplant in the past, is one of the vegetables rich in nutrients.

It is also considered a distinctive source of income. As for its cultivation in greenhouses, this is usually done in Arab countries with cold winters.

We will present to you, through our article on the lawns of Riyadh, the most appropriate way to grow it in greenhouses.

Cultivation of eggplant in greenhouses

Eggplant, when cultivated, needs relatively high temperatures, which are provided by greenhouse heaters.

It is also most of the time planted between the months of March and September.

The most important thing that distinguishes its cultivation in greenhouses; It is possible to produce hybrid eggplant seeds that combine more than one type of eggplant, for example: the bride eggplant and the turkey eggplant.

The length of the crop is up to 20 cm, while its width is up to 5 cm.

Planting dates

First: an early summer pick, in which seedlings are sown in March.

Second: Late summer grapes, which are sown in the months of April and May, and its crop grows from late June to late August.

Third: an autumn seedling, in which seedlings are planted during the months of July and August, in order for their crops to grow in the period from September to November.

And during this lug; Seeds are sown in the month of June, taking care to protect them from high temperatures, by covering the nurseries until the seeds germinate.

Fourth: The winter lug; Seedlings inside greenhouses during November and December.

How to succeed eggplant cultivation

It is preferable to use one of the black plastic covers for the greenhouse.

This is because it contributes to warming the soil, as well as controlling the growth of weeds.

Also, farmers rely on drip irrigation as one of the modern irrigation methods.

And used in greenhouses, especially when seedlings are ready to plant.

Then appropriate fertilization methods are applied, in addition to weed growth management.

Also, farmers make sure, after the plant reaches a height of 40 cm, that it be pulled by some pegs, in order to help it grow.

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