Growing onions in the Greenhouse

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Growing onions in the Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is the most suitable solution for plants that do not adhere to a certain period of time, and for which the demand for them is continuous throughout the year.

As is the case with onions, as onions are considered one of the most popular types of vegetables in the world, because it carries many health benefits, as well as it has multiple uses..

Through our article, we will show you the best way to grow onions inside the greenhouse, in addition to the appropriate climatic and environmental conditions.

What is an onion plant

It is one of the garlic plants, and it has a pungent odor because it contains volatile sulfur substances.

It is also a biennial plant.

Onions consist of high levels of antioxidants and vitamin E, and also play a role in protecting against diabetes and strengthening the immune system.

In addition, it is considered an essential food item, which can be used in the form of slices or powder, as well as cooked and eaten.

Growing onions in the greenhouse

As for its cultivation in greenhouses, it takes several climatic controls and conditions, in order for the greenhouse to be prepared for its production.

Appropriate dates for planting onions in the greenhouse

Its seeds are sown from mid-August until the end of September.

After about two months, the seedlings can begin to be transferred to the permanent land.

suitable soil

It can be grown in all types of land, provided it contains well-drained soil.

It is also preferable to grow it in the yellow lands in the cooled greenhouse.

As for soil preparation; It is by plowing it two or three times, and softening it well.

With interest in adding manure before the last plowing.

Then the soil of the greenhouse is divided into basins, in which the seeds are placed and then covered with a thin layer of soil before watering.

temperatures and lighting

It needs a low temperature, so it is transferred to the nursery during the winter season.

With regard to lighting, greenhouse doors should be designed to allow natural light to enter the interior.

Fertilization stage
At this stage, it is preferable to avoid compost; Because it will not have the ability to provide the necessary nutrients to the soil.

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