Protection of Protected Homes from frost

وقاية البيوت المحمية

Protection of Protected Homes from frost

You should know that the first step in protecting protected homes from frost is your ability to predict the periods of its occurrence.

The period from December to March is the lowest in terms of temperatures.

Also, the possibility of the plant being exposed to drought resulting from frost is high, so we, through our article, will give you a set of tips that enable you to protect your greenhouse during that period.

Frost damage

Frost damage is the first reason why owners of open farms, as well as owners of greenhouses, try to keep their plants away from severe cold waves.

Frost always causes damage to the stems of plants, due to the gathering of cold winds at the surface of the soil.

It also has a role in damaging the sap tissue, which is available in newly growing plants.

In addition to damage to the woody and floral buds, it also causes the pulp of the fruits to darken, without appearing on their external appearance.

Frost can also cause disturbed fruit growth.

It also causes the leaves of the plant to curl and crack.

How to protect protected homes from frost

There are several ways through which a protected house can be protected from frost:

First: biological methods

Focusing on raising the plant’s ability to resist frost, by improving the nutritional and water conditions of the plant, as well as working to delay the periods of growth and flowering.

Second: physical methods

They consist of the following:

Mist irrigation and surface irrigation

It is the use of sprinkler irrigation systems, either above or below trees, despite the increased effectiveness of spraying above trees compared to spraying under them. However, there are warnings about this type of irrigation.

Use of fans to mix air

This is done by mixing warm air in the upper layers with cooler air near the soil surface.

cover plants

For example: covering the plant with glass or plastic materials, or with dirt or straw, which limits heat loss.

Heating and smoking

This is done by burning fuel, and providing greenhouses with the latest heating devices and systems is one of the most important conditions for protecting greenhouses from frost.

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