Shade netting in Greenhouses

شبك الظل

Shade netting in Greenhouses

Shade one of the most basic elements of a greenhouse, known as shade net or shade cloth.

It is one of the types of greenhouse covers. It is also used as an alternative to various cooling systems.

This is to protect plants from the sun’s rays in the summer, and this netting provides shade rates ranging between 60-90%.

We will present, through our article in Mourouj Al-Riyadh, what is related to shade netting in greenhouses, its types, uses, and advantages.

Types of shade nets in greenhouses

The shade net is made of polyethylene, which is one of the types of plastic with high density.

It is also treated against ultraviolet rays, and the best textile machines are used in its manufacture.

There are several types of those woven by the single thread system, and others woven by the double knot system.

There are also several colors of it; Such as green, red, beige, white and blue striped… and others.

its uses

Shade nets have many positions and other places in which they are used, including:

Vegetable production nurseries, as well as orchards and farms, to protect plants from intense sunlight, and from insects and birds.
It is also used for shading purposes in general, in homes, exhibitions, swimming pools, etc.
It is used in various maintenance works inside real estate and residential complexes, in order to reduce falling waste and dust.
It is also an ideal material for covering sports fields.
Protect animal breeding areas from extreme heat, particularly during the summer.
Advantages of shade nets in greenhouses
Reducing temperatures during the day, and keeping part of it at night.
Provide adequate amounts of shade to protect plants from sunlight.
Reducing the intensity of light, so that the photosynthesis of the plant is at its best.
Preventing fogging and dripping, especially inside greenhouses.
Saving the amount of water used in agriculture, because it reduces evaporation rates, and thus the amount of water lost in plants.
There are also many sizes of shade net rolls, which facilitates and speeds up the installation process.
Special bags are made from them, in order to protect grapes, bananas, and dates from insects, and to prevent these fruits from falling.

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