Solar Collector for Heating Greenhouses

اللاقط الشمسي

The emergence of modern techniques and technologies that are used in greenhouses are constantly and successively.

After heating systems that depend on air and hot water, as well as systems that use steam pipes

Likewise, greenhouse heaters, a modern technology has emerged to heat agricultural greenhouses, by relying on a device called the “solar collector”.

And that this technology has proven its efficiency and quality through a recent scientific research

What is the solar collector for heating greenhouses?

With regard to the device itself and the way it works, it simply relies on the idea of storing heat during the day and using it during the night.

That is, it is considered a night thermal collector.

Its components:
First: spherical capsules of black color, and these capsules are rich in a substance that has the ability to store heat, by changing its state from a solid state to a liquid state.
Second: a fan, which is used to extract air.
Third: Crystal.
Fourth: a thermal insulator.
Advantages of using a solar collector

The results of the experiment, which the researcher conducted on several greenhouses, showed that the catcher has many advantages, the most prominent of which are the following:

First: It works to provide thermal energy of up to 500 watts, during the night period that extends for ten hours.

Second: It is also characterized by its great speed in the production process. As the production speed increases in homes that use the solar collector about 15 times than those that do not use the collector.

Third: It works to reduce the use of pesticides, due to the low levels of humidity inside the house when using the catcher, which reduces the possibility of pests and agricultural insects appearing.

Fourth: It also gives you the ability to obtain productivity of high volume and quality.

As we talked about previously, the greenhouse heating systems are many and varied, for example: installing heaters or what is known

With pistols and heat guns hanging from the ceiling of the greenhouse, or using boilers powered by electricity, solar energy and wind energy,

And other methods and systems that work to heat the greenhouse.

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