Types and forms of Greenhouses

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Types and forms of Greenhouses

Types and forms of greenhouses.. There are many types of greenhouses.

For example: a single house can take an arched shape or a straight-sided shape.

However, a group of greenhouse halls may come connected, so they are not separated by any walls or empty spaces.

They may come separately.

Types and forms of greenhouses

The appropriate type of greenhouse is determined, based on its location and the surrounding climatic conditions, in addition to the type of plant that will be grown inside the house, and the conditions it needs to grow. Through our article, you will be presented with the most prominent forms of greenhouses.

Greenhouses with existing sides

Where this type of greenhouse consists of a house with standing sides, in addition to a roof that is either circular or pyramidal, or otherwise.

This type of greenhouse is also easy to install, and its cost is low compared to other types of greenhouses.

Also, one of the advantages of this shape is that it allows full use of the space of the house.

It is preferable to be covered by a polycarbonate cover, due to its light weight, high resistance to wind and snow, in addition to being easily dismantled and moved from one place to another.

Halls with multiple units

It is a group of adjacent houses, the number of which ranges from 1-30 units as a maximum.

The area of one unit is about 334 square meters.

Arched houses

As for the houses whose roof is arch-shaped, they are suitable for plants that need the largest amount of light to enter.

Where the sun’s rays spread and distribute on the surface of the roofs of the houses, and then provide an appropriate source of heat.

Agricultural nurseries

As for agricultural nurseries, they are areas of agricultural land that are designated for the production of seedlings of some plants.

And these seedlings may come in a curved shape, or in the form of a list of sides, or even flat, and the size of the agricultural nursery is about 492 square meters.

Here is the conclusion of our article on the most prominent types and forms of greenhouses, and each of them has many advantages that qualify it to be a suitable option.

Also, this great diversity in the types of greenhouses allows individuals and companies to invest in the agricultural field, at an acceptable cost.

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