Cultivation of peppers in greenhouses

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Cultivation of peppers in greenhouses

According to the constantly changing and unstable weather conditions, many farmers have resorted to cultivating many plants in greenhouses.

Especially plants for which there is a continuous demand throughout the year, as is the case with the pepper crop, and we offer you, through our article on the Riyadh Meadows, some tips for growing it in greenhouses.


There are many types and benefits of pepper, and there are hot peppers and sweet peppers (or the so-called bell peppers).

It can also be classified according to its color, into green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers, etc.

As for its benefits; Each of the previous types has many health benefits.

For example: One of the benefits of sweet pepper is that it works to strengthen the immune system, prevent anemia, and nourish the fetus during pregnancy..and others.

As for hot peppers, its most important benefits lie in promoting eye health, losing excess weight, as well as preventing cancer.

How to grow peppers in greenhouses

As for its cultivation in the plastic house, it will be through the following steps:

You should make sure to irrigate the soil before moving the seeds indoors.
Make a number of holes in the soil, at equal distances.
You should distribute the pepper seedlings inside the holes, in addition to covering them with soil.
Start watering the seedlings directly.
Here we indicate that irrigation by watering for pepper is much better compared to irrigation by spraying, because irrigation by watering plays a role in saving large quantities of water, in addition to protecting the seedlings.
The most suitable times for planting peppers in greenhouses

It is preferable that pepper be grown in the plastic house between July and August.

The date may extend until September, depending on weather conditions and temperatures.

As for how long the pepper plant needs to fully grow; They range from 110:120 days.

And after about 180:190 days, you can start your fruit harvesting.

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