Cultivation of roses inside the greenhouse

زراعة الورد الجوري

Cultivation of roses inside the greenhouse

The rose .. in addition to its attractive shape and its ability to improve the mood, generally represents a profitable agricultural commercial project,

Because the workers in the greenhouses may sell these natural flowers, or even extract rose water from them, and then sell them.

But what about the rose, which is distinguished by the beauty of appearance and smell more than others??

Gory rose

It is one of the most important and beautiful types of oriental roses, and one of the best types in the world.

It also represents the national rose in the city of Syria, and it is even called the “Damascene rose.”

In addition to being an ornamental plant, it is used in the manufacture of the most famous types of perfumes.

It is also used in the manufacture of juice and jams, as well as some cosmetics, due to the presence of an astringent in it.

This rose also symbolizes sincere love, hope, tranquility, meditation, and other noble meanings.

As for its types; It was said that there are about 150 species, in different shapes and colors.

Cultivation of roses inside the greenhouse


Roses generally tend to grow strongly and abundantly inside the greenhouse compared to others.

It can even grow up to 3 times in one year, if it is protected from wind and rain.

In order for it to go well and correctly, the roses need a plastic house of great size and height.

It can also be grown in greenhouse soil, deep pots, or even high plastic pots.

Requirements for growing roses inside the greenhouse

Required levels of lighting and temperature

Rose varieties differ in the degrees of lighting and temperature required for each.

For example: some flowers need low heat, while others need relatively high heat.

While the period between fall and winter is the best for other types of flowers.

As for the roses specifically, they need to shade the greenhouse, or paint it white to reduce temperatures.

proper ventilation

You have to reduce the humidity levels in the greenhouse.

And in the winter: ventilation is done by installing screens or even movable doors at the entrance to the house.

And in the summer: ventilation is done through the use of different cooling devices.