Fiberglass covers for the greenhouse

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Fiberglass covers for the greenhouse

Fiberglass covers for the greenhouse.. It is one of the types of covers for the greenhouse, as the process of determining the type of cover suitable for a house

It also depends on the nature of the climatic and environmental conditions required to be provided for the plants inside.

These covers also represent that they are among the most popular and used types of covers, due to the availability of many features, which we will explain through our article in Mourouj Al Riyadh ..

Fiberglass cover

Or the so-called glass fibers, which are flexible fibers of varying lengths.

Lids are made of similar types of glass as those used in windows and in household drinking glasses.

It also has multiple uses, although its use for isolation is common.

As for the method of making these fiberglass; It is by melting the used glass, and thus removing it through very precise openings.

It is the process that results in a group of very thin glass threads. The unit of microns is used to measure the weight of fiberglass covers.

Advantages of fiberglass covers for the greenhouse

These covers have many advantages, which will be summarized as follows:

It works to protect the house from all different circumstances. either environmental or industrial.
Light weight and high durability.
It is characterized by ease of installation and maintenance.
Corrosion resistant.
It is also a good heat and electrical insulator.
It is less permeable to ultraviolet rays.
It has a high thickness, and thus there is a guarantee to block any holes or openings, and to prevent water leakage.
It is also easy to combine with concrete surfaces, as well as plastic and polyethylene.

Despite its many advantages, it is very important, for the owners of the protected house who want to buy fiberglass covers,

Ensure its quality and degree of durability, depending on the nature of the materials it is made of, as well as the factory or the entity that will provide it.

Types of fiberglass

There are also several types of fiberglass (fiberglass), based on the quality and proportions of raw materials that were used in its manufacture, as follows:

A glass
C glass
electronic glass
AE glass
S glass

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Here is the conclusion of our article, we hope that we have provided the desired benefit.