Growing ivy in the Greenhouse

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Growing ivy in the greenhouse

Growing ivy in a greenhouse.. Ivy is a beautiful houseplant that can be used in many ways.

Most of the time it is kept as a hanging plant, but it has the ability to climb as well.

And through our article, we will talk about how to grow it in the greenhouse or on the wall.

Steps to grow ivy in the greenhouse

1. Choose an ivy cultivar

Choosing an ivy plant that blends with your furniture or wall color is a good idea.

2. Determine the appropriate location

Ivy thrives in bright light, but not in direct sunlight. Despite this, it thrives in low to medium light.
It can be grown under artificial light.

3. Define the containers

A plastic or earthenware container is used. And plastic utensils that don’t break easily. While pottery can break easily and water is not kept in it for a long time.
You need to make sure that the pot is large enough and has a drainage hole for excess water.
Whatever pot you choose, remember to water your plants adequately.
The ivy pot should be 2 to 4 inches longer in diameter than the current pot.
If the diameter is more than 4 inches, then the roots will quickly grow and fill the pot. This causes the plant to take longer to germinate.
If you have used the pot before, wash it with soap and water before transplanting ivy into the greenhouse.

4. Add the soil

You can purchase soil mix for ivy and houseplants at a garden center.
Place a layer of sand or gravel in the bottom of the pot. Next, fill the pot with soil to a depth of 1 to 2 inches.
The best time to replant ivy is spring, when the plant begins a new cycle. It is important to repot it every year to two years.

5. Move the new ivy into the container

Remove the new ivy plant’s root ball from its old pot.
Loosen the soil between the roots, and place it in the center of the pot, making sure it is about an inch from its edges.
Finally, fill the pot with soil, pat it in, and water the plant.

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