Multi-unit air-conditioned shelters

بيوت محمية مكيفة

Multi-unit air-conditioned shelters

Air-conditioned greenhouses. They are compact units connected to each other.

They are also equipped with cooling and heating devices upon request, and are covered with fiberglass or polycarbonate covers for agriculture.

It was also equipped with thermostats and sensors to control temperatures and cold electronically.

This provides the right atmosphere and environment for growing flowers, ornamental plants and vegetables, whether through traditional cultivation systems or hydroponics techniques.

We will talk through our article in Mourouj Al Riyadh about these greenhouses.

Advantages of multi-unit air-conditioned greenhouses

Optimal use of spaces, and the absence of partitions between houses compared to single houses.
You can divide the hall from the inside according to your request, and grow several varieties inside it.
Also, the cooling power is higher compared to the single types, because the cooling system is unified for the entire hall.
Stable and long lasting compared to other types.
Protected houses with fiberglass cover:

It comes in the form of a semi-circle roof design (arched) and can be pyramidal (truss-shaped), upon request.

Advantages of fiberglass sheets:

It is resistant to high temperatures, as well as to extreme cold and fracture.
It has a light transmittance of 87%.
It also contains higher levels of insulation for internal temperatures, compared to plastic.
They can be replaced with plastic covers.
Also, its shelf life is longer compared to plastic
Air-conditioned greenhouses polycarbonate cover:

These houses come in the form of a pyramidal roof design:

Advantages of polycarbonate sheeting:

Its thickness is 6 mm, it consists of two layers with an air gap between them, and it is made in Europe.
High transparency regarding external light, reaching 95% of the transmittance.
It is also characterized by its flexibility and better resistance to breakage and shocks compared to fiberglass covers.
These covers are covered with an ultraviolet (UV) buffer layer.
It also contains higher insulation rates for internal temperatures, compared to fiberglass.

In conclusion, we hope that we have provided the desired benefit through our article on multi-unit air-conditioned shelters.

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