The effect of foliar fertilization on tomato production in the greenhouse

أثر التسميد الورقي على إنتاج الطماطم

The effect of foliar fertilization on tomato production in the greenhouse

Foliar fertilization.. Just as the types of fertilizers that are used in the cultivation process differ, whether inside or outside the greenhouse,

We see that there are various methods and ways to use each type of them, and through our article in Mourouj Al Riyadh, we will talk about one of these methods, which is foliar fertilization.

Also, with an explanation of its effect on the productivity of the tomato crop inside greenhouses.

Foliar fertilization

It is one of the types and methods of feeding plants, and it is done by spraying the crops with some types of solutions rich in important nutrients.

As these elements enter plants through cracks and stomata in their leaves.

There is also a difference in the ability of each plant to absorb these solutions based on several factors…

For example: the age of the leaf affects its ability to absorb, as well as the presence of some nerves on its surface.

The effect of foliar fertilization on tomato production in the greenhouse

With regard to the use of this type of fertilization when growing tomato crops in greenhouses;

An agricultural researcher conducted an agricultural experiment, in two consecutive years, inside a greenhouse in Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia.

The aim at the time of conducting this experiment was to identify the effect of foliar fertilization on the production of tomato crop compared to the use of other fertilizers.

Therefore, the researcher made sure to plant the first season using the foliar fertilization method, and therefore in the second season he used different other methods of fertilization.

The results of using foliar fertilization

Through his experiment, the researcher reached several results, most notably:

The increase in the quantities of foliar fertilizer used with the tomato crop during the first month of its cultivation, results in an increase in the quantities of crops.
In the second month, the tomato crop reached its highest production rate, with an amount of approximately 21 tons.
Although the quantities of production decreased in the third month, they remained the highest, compared to the quantities of the other season, which relied on other types of fertilizers.


Foliar fertilization is the best, if not the best, fertilization method used with tomato crops.

Also, each type of plant has a suitable type of fertilizer and a suitable method for its use, which is what the farmer needs to know before starting the cultivation operations.

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