Single air-conditioned shelters

بيوت محمية

Single air-conditioned shelters

Single air-conditioned greenhouses.. The air-conditioned houses are suitable for cultivation all year round.

This is due to the fact that it contains a cooling system, and it is possible to add a heating system.

It also has a role in protecting plants from insects, as well as dirt and dust, which gives higher productivity efficiency.


The length is 5.38 m, the width is 9 m, or the height is 15.3 m, and you can change the sizes upon request.

Types of single air-conditioned greenhouses:

Plastic air-conditioned greenhouses, shaped like a semi-circle.
Fiberglass air-conditioned greenhouses, shaped like a semi-circle.
Greenhouses air conditioned, plastic and fiberglass.
Polycarbonate air-conditioned greenhouses, with straight sides.

First: plastic air-conditioned greenhouses, in the shape of a semi-circle.

plastic cover:

The air-conditioned greenhouse shall be covered with 200 micron-thick treated plastic, against ultraviolet radiation, and shall be one piece.

The facades and the doors are also covered with Italian-made fiberglass, to give more stability in the face of the wind.

Advantages of plastic cover:

Combines economical due to its low cost, and practicality due to its good lifespan.
Easy to install, disassemble and maintain.
It can also be replaced with fiberglass covers.
Resistant to ultraviolet rays, so that plants do not suffer from sun blight.
Less permeable to infrared rays, due to no loss of heat gained during the night.

Second: Air-conditioned fiberglass shelters, with a semi-circle shape

fiberglass cover:

The air-conditioned greenhouse is covered with 0.8 mm thick fiberglass.

Its advantages:

It resists high temperatures, as well as extreme cold and fracture.
Light transmittance of 87%. Higher insulation ratios for indoor temperatures compared to plastic.
It can also be replaced with plastic covers.
It also has a longer life span compared to plastic.

Third: air-conditioned greenhouses made of plastic and fiberglass


And be in the form of two types of cover:

An air-conditioned greenhouse with a plastic cover
There is also an air-conditioned greenhouse with a fiberglass cover

Among its advantages:

Greater utilization of space, due to the existing sides.
It has a streamlined design as it allows the covers to be preserved from wind waves.
It also accommodates a large number of plants, compared to the arched house.

Fourth: Air-conditioned polycarbonate greenhouses with straight sides

The air-conditioned greenhouse is covered with a pyramidal shape of 6 mm treated polycarbonate for agriculture. It also consists of two layers to increase the percentage of insulation.

It is also made in Europe.

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