Pruning Plants in Greenhouses

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Pruning plants in Greenhouses

Why do we have to prune plants in Greenhouses? Follow our article to answer this question accurately.

We will also give you some information about the steps to prune plants inside the greenhouse.

Plant pruning: It is one of the important agricultural operations that are performed on all woody plants.

including ornamental plants and fruiting flowers,

And in the event that you are one of the owners of houseplants, open gardens, or even own a greenhouse,

You need to do this process constantly.

Pruning plants in Greenhouses

As we talked about earlier; Plant pruning is one of the important agricultural operations, and it is done by removing parts of trees during a specific time of the year.

Emphasis is often placed on pruning and removing wilted parts of plants during this process, and farmers begin to prune their plant after it enters dormancy.

It is the stage in which the growth of buds on trees stops, and farmers can continue pruning until spring.

First: trimming wilted leaves and flowers

That is, getting rid of withered leaves and flowers, and here you have to be careful to use sharp scissors in the cutting process, and they must be washed and disinfected well. This is to prevent the transmission of any infection or bacteria to the plant.
It is also important to wear garden gloves, to prevent your hands from being exposed to the grass during the pruning process.
Use scissors at a 45-degree angle under wilted plants.
In the event that there are some branches, most of their leaves have withered; You can cut them off completely, leaving the main stem.

Second: get rid of long branches and stems

This step helps the plants grow in a complete and uniform way, but you have to be careful to cut those long branches only by a third.
Examine the plants for damaged stems that need pruning.
We also point out that pruning should not exceed 20% of the number of branches, otherwise it will be difficult for the plant to grow properly.

Third: Preserving plants

This step consists in preserving those plants that you have pruned, by taking care to fertilize the plant;

And dilute the fertilizer in water to prevent the appearance of burns on the leaves and roots.

Also wipe the leaves of the plant with a clean sponge or cloth; The reason for this is to reduce the transmission of pests from one plant to another.