Ideas for decorating your garden

حديقة منزلك

Ideas for decorating your garden

Which contains a roof or a garden in which old, unused and perfectly coordinated items are stored.

Therefore, we can redecorate and coordinate the garden of the house through simple and inexpensive methods.

Simple ideas for decorating your garden:



You can use the idea of a small greenhouse, whether it is plastic or glass, from different greenhouses.

In order to grow some plants and household crops to benefit from them in your home garden,

Therefore, you can grow several different types of plants, as greenhouses maintain the health of the plant, as well as its proper growth,

In addition to protecting plants from diseases and pests and controlling the appropriate temperature and humidity for each plant with ease,

In order to produce crops of excellent quality and wonderful production quantities, you can grow tomatoes, peppers and other crops of all their differences with ease.

secondly :

You can also build a unique and beautiful session by changing the shape and type of floor, whether it is made of wood or made of stone.

Where you can put a different number of tiles, various shapes and different colors, in a variable order for each session of them,

Or you can put some colored stones and design different shapes, or you can put some pieces of artificial grass

To have different sessions to suit different tastes.

You can also plant tall plants with many leaves and hollow from the bottom to give a wonderful and distinctive appearance above the sessions.

But we have to take into account that its height is appropriate, so as not to take up a large area of the garden, as well as to give you a longitudinal dimension to the garden.

Third :

Also, one of the distinctive ideas is to place benches and tables in the garden of the house, and they are small in size, so as not to take up much space in the garden area

As well as relying on the distribution of seats and tables next to the walls and in the corners of the garden,

This is to leave a suitable space to make the corridors in an organized and simple decorative way, linking the garden to each other and the interior of the house.

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